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Elena Veremchuk

Thank you very much for such a cute hoodie! My doggie loves it so much and so do I! The quality is great and the shipping was super fast! I will definitely buy more products from the store


Customer service is awesome! We had so many questions before bought this products. They send us right size and which saves a lot of time when purchasing online. Great dog-wear boutique, quality is 100% satisfied.

Nubia Gonzalez

My dog looks ridiculously cute in this! The cost was good quality, the color is very bright and cute. I highly recommend it. My dog is 17 lbs and we got a size large which fit him perfectly.


Things Dog Moms Do That Only Dog Lovers Understand

As research shows about 94% of people who own dogs they will consider dogs are members of their family, data also shows dog moms have stronger relationships than dog dads.

Happy Easter!

The Spirit of Easter is all about Hope, Love and Joyful living. I wish you a very happy Easter!

What Canadian Want to Do after COVID-19 Pandemic

We are all sorely missing the nice weather outside. All of us have been dealing with this COVID- pandemic for more thanyear. When spring comes with nice weather, what happens?

Questions to Ask Yourself before Adopting a pet

This is the first and most important questions you need to consider how long you can take care of a pet.

Dogs usually live 14 to 18 years on average. The bigger dogs could live 10-14yrs .

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