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Elena Veremchuk

Thank you very much for such a cute hoodie! My doggie loves it so much and so do I! The quality is great and the shipping was super fast! I will definitely buy more products from the store


Customer service is awesome! We had so many questions before bought this products. They send us right size and which saves a lot of time when purchasing online. Great dog-wear boutique, quality is 100% satisfied.

Nubia Gonzalez

My dog looks ridiculously cute in this! The cost was good quality, the color is very bright and cute. I highly recommend it. My dog is 17 lbs and we got a size large which fit him perfectly.


Why Are Black Cats A Halloween Symbol?

Black cats are always associated with Halloween, witchcraft, bad luck, and much more creepy stuff. Do you know why they became Halloween icons?

The Problems with Pandemic Puppies

Have you noticed all the new puppies in your neighbourhood and social media feed? Have the kids been haranguing you for an adorable puppy?

Dog Food Selections, Part 2

Before you feed any food for human to your dog, it will be better to check online or ask your vest for more information.

Dog Food Selection , Yes or No?

Some food that are suitable perfectly for human might be harmful for dogs or other animals. All animals have quite different rates of metabolism. It is the process of breaking down the food in stomach and turning it into energy.

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