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Pet Clothing Just Got Way Cooler


Unicorn Petting Zone, or UPZ, as our friends call us, is pet clothing and accessories brand that designs both elegant and casual apparel for trendy dogs, cats and other pets. We are a part of a company that’s been in the fashion industry for decades and together, we produce matching outfits for your entire family — because your pet is an essential part of your family, isn’t it? 


The UPZ Team - Designed In Canada


The UPZ pet clothes and accessories designers are among the best in their profession. We follow and implement into our work the latest fashion trends and most up-to-date manufacturing and fabric-related technologies, which allows us to offer you the top quality you deserve. 

 We are extremely proud with our 30 Steps Quality Control System developed in-house to ensure everything that has our logo on it fits our high standards. 


Our Background


UPZ is a sub-brand of Gangcheng Season International Co.Ltd, a company operating in the fabric and human garment industry for over 33 years. Gangcheng has worked with brands like Reebok, Fila, Nike and more. We have our own fabric knitting mills,  printing workshops and multiple sewing lines.

In manufacturing all our UPZ products, we use our expertise in fabric,  cuts and garment patterns to provide the ultimate fashion experience to your four-legged friends. 

The UPZ Philosophy 


At UPZ, we think about animals the way we think about people (if not better). 

They make us better human beings, so they deserve the best! 

Your pet is your family: an unruly, but extremely cute child; a friend who always listens; a roommate to keep you company and so much more. 

 Your pet is everything, and suddenly, you’ll never be lonely again. 



Your pet is your unicorn 


If you want to put just any clothes on your pet, or buy whatever accessories you can find, here are plenty of options out there. 


But if you’re looking for something special, unique, beautiful and durable; if you’re known for your attention to detail and accept your pet as part of your family, then only the best will do. 


Browse our collections today, choose your favorite matching pieces and finally see your pet for what he or she really is: your magical, no-stress, all-love, one-of-a-kind unicorn. 


If you’re on Instagram and like to post pictures of your cat or dog every time you purchase something new for them, don’t forget to tag us — we love to see our designs in action! You can follow our Instagram page here ; you can also go with Facebook.