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Great Hobbies Ideas for Pet Owners

By UPZ Pets 10 days ago

Are you running out of ideas for things you can do with your pets? Yes, you probably tried out many things during this COVID-19 pandemic and but looking for a new hobby?

We have listed a few examples you may want to try and enjoy.

How to Deal with Pet Behavioral Changes during COVID-19 Pandemic

By 17 days ago

While the impact of this quarantine has ranged from absolute boredom to more serious things like job losses and health issues, our fur residences also have been affected in their own way.

Can Dogs Feel When You Kiss Them?

By UPZ Pets 24 days ago

Kisses among humans have always been a greeting sign or a love gesture. For animal lovers, giving pets such as cats and dogs a kiss and cuddle is something that comes as second nature. Do dogs really understand when you kiss them? This is very interesting question to ask.

Signs of Dogs Feeling Kisses

Having Two Dogs Are Better Than One, Why?

By UPZ Pets 1 month ago

Dogs bring us so much love and joy into ordinary lives. They are lovely, loyal, hilarious and many dog parents truly seem them as family members. A lot of dog owners start to consider to adopt another puppy after they had first one. On the other hand, they have a lot of concern if two dogs will get depressed or jealous easily? Well, I recommend having two dogs actually are better than one, and I mean to not have two puppies at same time.

4 Steps to Groom Your Dogs at Home

By UPZ Pets 1 month ago

Pets can be welcome stress-relievers in these trying times. Pet adoptions are soaring nationally as people look for the company of furry friends, in the absence of human ones.

As this invisible virus outbreak has forced many of us stay indoors and shut down some businesses, Pet owners may start concerning what should they do about grooming.

Creating a Dog-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

By UPZ Pets 1 month ago

Spring brings us nice weather and we can share so much fun with our kids and dogs. Every pet owner knows it’s so much fun to searching for goodie hidden around yard. A dog’s sense of smell makes him the perfect candidate for Easter games.

Here are some tips for make fun for your loved pooches.

Can Your Dog Sunburn? How to Naturally Protect them?

By UPZ Pets 2 months ago

Can Your Dog Get Sunburned?

This is a common question many owner may asked in summer: Can dogs get sunburned?

Yes, just like humans, canines are also painful to get sunburned, and may cause some potential serious skin cancer. If you are planning beach trips or whole day outdoor activities, make sure to do some protection plans from harsh UV rays and overheated car.

Clean Your Pet Toys While Staying Home

By UPZ Pets 2 months ago

In the light of coronvirus outbreak, social distancing is quickly becoming the new normal. You are realizing staying insde 24/7 takes quite an adjustment- here is something you may want to consider to do: clean your fur kids toys.

Our pets interact with their toys primarily with mouths and feet.

Social Distancing Pets During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By UPZ Pets 2 months ago

It’s very important to understand COVID-19 is not the same virus as Animal coronavirus.

What is social distancing?

This is one of the most important strategy to avoid spreading virus instructed by public health.

Facts approved COVID-19 can be infected through mouth, eyes and noses, social distancing is the act of intentionally creating distance between people , in order to slow the spread speed.

Covid-19 advice for self-isolating pet owners

By UPZ Pets 2 months ago

I’m self-isolating myself as advised, can my pet stay with me? How do I look after my pet during this time?

There is currently no evidence that pets can become sick from the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), so it’s highly unlikely they are at risk.