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Can Dogs Feel When You Kiss Them?

 Can Dogs Feel When You Kiss Them?
By UPZ Pets 24 days ago

Kisses among humans have always been a greeting sign or a love gesture. For animal lovers, giving pets such as cats and dogs a kiss and cuddle is something that comes as second nature. Do dogs really understand when you kiss them? This is very interesting question to ask.

Signs of Dogs Feeling Kisses

Kiss Means Good

A puppy may not easy recognize your kisses compared to a older dog, old dogs would understand it’s a happy sign. When you kiss your dog, they jump up and try to lick you, which is their nature pooch sign of affection. They are excited and walk around you with tail wagging.

Many dogs will look straight into your eyes when you cuddle and kiss them, which clearly tells you how much they trust you and they are willing to receive your nice gesture. Many owner will kiss their dog gently while speaking to them in lower voice tone, and their dogs will get used to these and give back to owner in own doggy way.

Kiss Means Trust

These days dogs are very much part of the family and therefore they receive the same affection and love from owners. Most owners will kiss and cuddle their dogs regularly to show their love and they trust them understand love.

Research carried out over years helped experts to learn how dogs respond to certain gestures from humans. When dogs receive kisses, they actually more trust you at that moment and waiting for your happy face. They were used to being licked by their mother from birth and then by other dogs that are friendly with or by siblings as they grow older. Kissing your dogs is not same as their mother doing, but it’s closest a human can come to replicating this.

Start Kisses from puppy

It’s recommended to start kissing and cuddling dogs as a puppy if you are able to. This is not help you train them used to kisses but also help bonding when started at a young age. As your dogs get older, they will have learned to associate kisses with affection. This may be difficult of you have taken on a rescue dog or abused dog, as they are having trust issues. Gradual kisses and cuddles are great method to regain their trust.

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