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Having Two Dogs Are Better Than One, Why?

Having Two Dogs Are Better Than One, Why?
By UPZ Pets 1 month ago

Dogs bring us so much love and joy into ordinary lives. They are lovely, loyal, hilarious and many dog parents truly seem them as family members. A lot of dog owners start to consider to adopt another puppy after they had first one. On the other hand, they have a lot of concern if two dogs will get depressed or jealous easily? Well, I recommend having two dogs actually are better than one, and I mean to not have two puppies at same time.

Here are some reasons :

1) They will keep each other entertained and exercised well

Playtime is vital to any dog’s health, happiness, socialization and overall development. Depending on your dogs breed, size, energy level, you are about spending 30 mins to 3 hours play time with him. But if you have 2 cuteness, besides you play one-to one time with them, they also socialize each other, and keep each other exercised. They will keep each other company when you are at work or out home.

2) It easier the puppy train process

It’s difficult to teach an old dog new tricks, but an old dog can teach a new dog some tricks they already know and of course the house rules. Your old dog will naturally pick up the teacher role once you introduce a puppy to the family, and you might find puppy training is far easier than previous dog. The puppy will look and copy the older guidance and behaviors. It’s natural that dogs will dog business where other dogs have done, so you probably will notice the puppy will poop same spot as your older dog.

3) Help ease Separation Anxiety

Many of dogs suffer separation anxiety when they are left alone. Although some dog will solve this issue after taking training course, some of them still require extra attention and emotional therapy. Having a second dog at home will give each other emotional support and they will stay calm , safe , and comfortable.

4) The Cost isn’t that much more

Dogs parents may hold up their second adoption considering doubling your finances. In fact, aside from regular imminizations and check ups , having two dogs same time does not cost much more. Dogs will share their supplies, toys, grooming products, water bowls, larger beds, and treats.

5) Double the love

Yes, having a second dog can double the love! There’s nothing better coming home seeing two lovely face greeting you unconditionally after daily work. They are always your loyal friends , families. Sometimes you might feel a lot of work after having two dogs, but the benefits worth more!

reference from the spruce pets.

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