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How to Deal with Pet Behavioral Changes during COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Deal with Pet Behavioral Changes during COVID-19 Pandemic
By 17 days ago

While the impact of this quarantine has ranged from absolute boredom to more serious things like job losses and health issues, our fur residences also have been affected in their own way.

Humans join their pets in being stuck in-home all day every day and many of them bring their anxieties and stress. Local veterinarians and animal behavior experts are not surprised to hear pets are getting more stressed too.

Many cats, dogs and other pets were used to left home along all day. Now everything changed. People with pets 24/7, which changed their normal schedules and pets’ regular schedules as well. In fact, it will adjust your dogs or cats’ schedules to us, for example they might sleep in couch when you are away but now, they always keep an eye on your any movement. It’s not hard to predict after Pandemic time there would be a bounce in the number of dogs and cats will have separation anxiety-related issues because they will be used to having us around all the time.

Have you found your pets getting little wired than before? Maybe they were more eagle to waiting extra walks? or disturb your yoga time compared laying aside he usually doe? Or maybe acting strange more jumping over furniture?

If so, we would like to suggest you make this practice: Balance their alone time. The best thing for us is have same routine still or build similar routine as they can have regularly own time in their schedule. This would help them remain similar mood and get used to be apart when we back to jobs.