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New Year New Start

New Year New Start
By UPZ Pets 5 months ago

We all love to spend time with our furry friends. After the pandemic and the increasing number for people who work from home, many have found them spending much more time with their pups at home. Here are some tips for you to get both you and your doggie happy.

Try some new indoor games

Before the pandemic, most dogs spend their day time alone during the day. Now we might be the one who messed up their daily routine. When we are at home, their routine is disrupted and this can cause them needing more attention from us. Break the time into pieces and keep them entertained. Try to do some exercise to reinforce their training, do the obedience game like tell them to stay as long as possible at one place. Even learning some new tricks would be a great interaction.

Also there are many indoor games, “Find It” or “Hide and Seek”. Keeping the pups occupied with some activities will benefit both of you.

Spend more time outdoor

During this time, with everyone keeping social distance, you can still find some parks and hiking trails to take your dogs. Even with the cold weather, we still need to bring them out like usual. Even a little change for your daily walk would give them a new sniff and opportunity to explore. Or you can try running in short distance with them can benefit both you and the dog. Most important thing, be sure to bring all the supplies you need for them such as a water bowl and some snacks.

Be in your little world

With the numbers keep going up, people are getting more stressed and practicing social distance keeps everyone physically away from each other. Now you can shut the world down and spend the time cuddling with your furry friends. Bring out their toys and play with them or even give them a little massage. Take some pictures and record your lovely moment together.

If you have other plans during the coming holiday, be sure to find a daycare for your doggie so they get enough exercise and social connection.

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