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Questions to Ask Yourself before Adopting a pet

Questions to Ask Yourself before Adopting a pet
By UPZ Pets 4 months ago

What’s the pet’s average life span?

This is the first and most important questions you need to consider how long you can take care of a pet.

Dogs usually live 14 to 18 years on average. The bigger dogs could live 10-14yrs .

Cats can live15-20 years.

Parrots 50-60 years.

How much space do you have?

The smaller space you have, the more time you need to invest in that pet. For example, you need to walk your dog into park if you live in tiny apartment to make sure he gets enough exercise.

How much time you stay home?

Are you working at home or daily travel to office?If you work home, you can probably choose any type of pet. But if you are rarely home, a puppy may not be a good idea.For examples, senior dogs always need extra care and can not leave at home for long periods.

Does your residence restrict certain pets?

Some apartments have strict limitations on dog sizes and breeds. Consider your lease agreement before make a decision to choose a accompany pet.

How much money can you invest on a pet?

According to pet industry data, there are minimum estimates, large dogs yearly require $2000 and small dogs need about $1300 yearly expenses. Cats usually needs $1200 andsmall birds require about $420.If any pet needs extra medical care or puppy training,then you need to prepare bigger amount money.

Are you allergic?

This is the question people will not realize until they had an animal home.Before you spend money to adopt a lovely pet, you can consider foster an animal or visit a friend who has a pet.Some allergies are not noticeable or simply do a test with doctor.