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Snow Jackets For Dogs in Winter

Snow Jackets For Dogs in Winter
By UPZ Pets 1 years ago

Getting Ready to gear up for cold days? Be sure your dog is prepared.

UPZ Puffer Coat is the perfect choice for active dogs play in winter days. This dog snow jackets come with many beautiful color options, Red, Blue Pink, Silver. It’s one of the most popular snowsuits in our store.

It provides an outer layer of lightweight snow resistant insulation to help little ones stay warm when the temperature drops. Open Neck design help owner clip the leash while keep neck warm.

Four legged design provide full coverage. Adjustable waist loops do great job of keeping wind out. The jacket sizes from 10 to20 ( 10 inch body length to 20 inch body length), which is excellent for small medium pups. The cotton liner keep pup skin breathable and more comfort during raining days.

This snow jacket is a “Solid Add-on” to your pup winter wardrobes, keep them warm and toasty, most importantly Stay stylish.