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Stay Cool In This Summer

Stay Cool In This Summer
By UPZ Pets 2 years ago

Shield your canine companion from UV rays and heat with this innovative stretch Tee that blocks out 98% of UV rays. Beyond UV protection, this canine sun shield t-shirt helps to protect skin irritations, foxtails and bare skin due to alopecia. Use for wound care and extreme temperatures and keep your light-colored or dark-colored pet cool when outdoors with this sun shield dog tee.

Super comfortable indoors and out and perfect for all sorts of applications beyond sun protection too: skin conditions, wound care, topical medications, works great as an anti-anxiety calming aid that can be worn all day.

This stretchy sun shield dog tee is available in sizes ranging from 8 to 18 accommodate both small breed puppies and large dogs. The soft, stretchy material helps reduce heat absorption while your pup is basking in the sun and the snug-fitting dog t-shirt is made from imported wicking materials, offering your pet family an Eco-friendly option.

The machine-washable material is easy to maintain over time. Provide your friendly fido with a comfortable and practical garment for outdoor playtime in all seasons with this sun shield dog tee that showcases style and functionality.

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