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Things Dog Moms Do That Only Dog Lovers Understand

Things Dog Moms Do That Only Dog Lovers Understand
By UPZ Pets 2 years ago

As research shows about 94% of people who own dogs they will consider dogs are members of their family, data also shows dog moms have stronger relationships than dog dads.

They will do things that normal people would probably never do, for example:

  • Take more photos of your dog than your kids , your plants or yourselves. We carry our smart phone everywhere, and we see all cute & funny moments any times. It’s easier than old times to pull out your phone to record such moments and brag about these when meet our friends. Fur members have shorter life time and we want to record all as much as possible.

  • Talk to your dog over phone. Calling home and speaking to their pup , or having face time with loved fur babies while they are away from home. This is also the top list thing most dog parent would do, dogs are smart they recognize steps , smell and their voices.

  • Spend weekend on the couch with your dog. For those people who work five weekdays busy outside, they would love to enjoy quiet and luxury relaxing afternoon with fur family members.Leave your best buddy at home in weekend is not cool.

  • Dress up your pups and buy dog clothes every year. Get your dog dressed up seasonally is fun, there are so many eco-friendly andanimal safe products to shop from and you can always make your pup the latest fashion celebrity on Instagram.

  • Always carry poo bags & treats around, in your purse, in your car and pockets. :) You know they will need it.

  • Send your dog to nice Dog hotels or daycare when you have to be away for few days. All dog parents can not stand their baby be treated poorly and be bored when they have to be away, they will search for dog-friendly hotel when travelling and if have to leave them behind, they will do a lot of research and find a comfortable place for their loved babies.

  • Throw parties and invite dog friends over to share the cake. Playdates and birthday parties for puppies are all the rage. When your kids were little , you organize parties , why not for dogs, they are family kids too!

  • Spend your saving for a durable stroller or dog-carrier along on hikes in case they are tired and be prepared when they are getting old. Taking your dog for a walk sounds fun, but consider they may get tired and refuse to walk any longer. You can carry small pups in dog pack but stroller is a must.

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