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What Canadian Want to Do after COVID-19 Pandemic

What Canadian Want to Do after COVID-19 Pandemic
By UPZ Pets 6 months ago

We are all sorely missing the nice weather outside. All of us have been dealing with this COVID- pandemic for more thanyear. When spring comes with nice weather, what happens?

According to Survey made by Courtesy Angus Reid Institute,Here are some activities Canadians are most looking forward to when the pandemic passes

44% - people will do regular things in the community without stress

43% - people will do physical contactlike hugging people& Shaking hands

42%- people will choose to travel internationally

32%- people will dine at restaurants.

24%- people will get together with older people who haven’t been able to

20%-people will travelling around Canada

13%-people will go to concerts

11%-people will go to the gym & take fitness classes

11%- people will go to see movie at theatre

11%- people will go to parties

10%- people will watch live sporting events

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