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Why do dogs enjoy sunbathing?

Why do dogs enjoy sunbathing?
By UPZ Pets 1 month ago

Just like people, dogs love to sunbathe. It’s very common to see a dog laying down at a spot with sunshine and enjoy it with a little nap. Do you ever wonder why they like it so much? Or is there any risk for their health to be in the sun for a long time?

There are many reasons why dogs enjoy sunbathing, no matter what time of the year. It’s not only about liking it, the sun contributes to both their mental and physical health as it does to any other animals.

One major benefit is to boost the absorption of vitamin D. As we all know, vitamin D allows animals to better digest the calcium and other minerals. This will benefit their bones and joints, let them get stronger.

Also, it strengthens their immune system. For example, dogs with less exposure to sunlight would have more risks of getting sick. And they would appear to be more sad. The sun always lights up their mood as well.

For those old animals, the sun usually benefits them more than the younger ones. Most animals in their old ages would suffer from joint and bone related illness. The warmth and energy from it can relieve some of the pain caused by those illnesses.

As for their mental health, a good sunbathe is the best natural relaxation for pets. It will clearly help reduce the anxiety and stress they are feeling. And the solar rays also boost their “Happy Hormone”. The sunshine keeps their mood stable, they get to relax and feel happy under the sun.

On the other hand, there are some precautions to take care. They might suffer from burns, even heart strokes which are deadly.Those who have white fur or short hair would have a high risk of getting sunburn or heat exhaustion if they spend too much time under the sun.

We need to keep in mind to always prepare fresh water for them when they are enjoying their sunbathe.

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