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Why Does My Dog Stare At Me?

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me?
By UPZ Pets 1 month ago

You are sitting typing your computer – but your dog only has eyes for you. You are cooking a meal, and the pooch is laser-focused on your face. You are walking around the room and now not only receiving the enthusiastic sight but a following tail…. If there’s one thing almost all dogs love to do, it’s stare at their owners. And stare. Keep starting.

There must be a big question mark on your head: why do they do it? Here are the possible explanations.

1.They want attention

The world from a dog's view is really simple and they don’t have much to do to spend their time. Therefore, when you are busy on your things your pet feels bored along aside, they want you to notice them. Different from the moment when they desire to get something from you such as “rub my belly” or “throw me the ball”. When your dog wants attention, they just want you to put your eyes on them, distract your attention to them for a while.

2.They are reading our body language

Since we don’t share the same language, dogs and humans learn to observe nonverbal behaviors to understand each other’s intentions. While we are trying to understand our dog’s body language, dogs are also trying to figure out human behaviors. They are smart and when they are comparing your behavior and reading your face, they might get some ideas of some of your basic emotional expressions.

3.They are confused

A confused stare is adorable to see from the face of your furbaby, it usually comes with a head tilt. When they see you doing something unfamiliar or curious about the reason that you are walking around, they might stare at you intently in hopes of figuring it out.

4.They desire to do/get something

Different from what I mentioned earlier about the dog wanting attention from you, their desire goes further than the examples I appointed. Except for their expression of gaining your attraction, they engage in a more particular action such as holding his leash in his mouth, or stand semi-upright and scratch the door, sometimes even along with a whining sound to you. These obvious signs illustrate their specific desire such as going for a walk.

5.They love you

Just as humans gaze into the eyes of people we love, dogs have the same sign of affection to communicate with their owners. Research shows that the mutual gazing between us and our pets releases the same hormonal response present during mother and infant bonding in humans. If you find your dog looking at you without apparent reason, it might be a sign of affection that they are telling you they are watching you and always be there for you.

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